History of the platform

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history of joomla

The Joomla platform is the result of off shooting from Mambo. The latter was the trade mark of a company that was set up to support the Joomla team by providing them with protection against lawsuits, as well as funding the development of the platform. This is as a result of changes being made to the previous provisions that Mambo had with Joomla, and which violated major open source values.

As a result, the Joomla team decided to open the OpenSourceMatters website, which had the aim of disseminating information about the open source community. Within a day, more than a thousand people joined OSM, most of them supporting their stand. It is at this point in time that most people became more critical of what was and what should not have been considered open source.

Following this, the Joomla teams were reorganized, and the open source community then started growing. The Software Freedom Law Center and Eben Mogle were two entities that were critical in the genesis of Joomla, since they assisted in creating the core team in 2005. Currently, the SFLC continues to provide legal services to the project.

The name Joomla was adopted for the platform on September 22 2005, following Andre Eddie’s request to the community to help in finding a suitable name for the project. The name Joomla is derived from the Swahili word jumla, which translates to ‘all together’. The development team sourced for logo submissions starting September 26, and three days later a suitable brand logo was developed.

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