About Joomla


Joomla refers to an open source content management system. Its main function is to publish web content. It is designed in PHP, and is one of the many software platforms out there that depend on Object Oriented Programming to run. Some of the features that it boasts include support for RSS feeds, page caching, polls and blogs, search capability and an inbuilt language internationalization capability. With more than 50 Million downloads, this is one of the most popular content management solutions out there, and is one that many people would benefit from. Since it is open source software, there are many extensions and other modifications to it, making it possible to find a niche-specific version of the platform. As of February 2004, there are over 7,000 of such modified versions available. With it’s ease of use and SEO friendly nature, the only content management solution that rivals that of Joomla is WordPress.






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